Tokens and Assets


NFT Asset


(NFT Assets)

Crabada can be bred and used in games to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. All Crabada live on the blockchain so players have full control of their assets.


Native Token



CRA is a governance token which is rewarded via staking and playing the game during the incentive period.


In-game Currency


(Treasure Under Sea)

TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the game in the form of Mining, Looting and Lending Crabada via the Tavern. TUS can only be obtained exclusively through gameplay.

  • Token Distribution
  • Play-and-Earn Distribution

Token Distribution



Total supply

1,000,000,000 CRA



Initial Marketcap


Activity Allocation CRA Vest
Private Round 6% 60,000,000 1 year (3 months cliff, followed by quarterly release)
Community Bootstrap event 6% 60,000,000 --
Ecosystem Fund 20% 200,000,000 50% no vest 50% unlocked 1 year later
Play-and-Earn 30% 300,000,000 --
Staking Rewards 13% 130,000,000 --
Advisor 3% 30,000,000 2 years (6 months cliff, followed by quaterly release)
Liquidity 5% 50,000,000 --
Team 17% 170,000,000 2 years (6 months cliff, followed by quaterly release)




Breeding Coin Supply

Special Breeding Event

Participants of the Community Bootstrap Event will obtain Breeding Coins, which are used to redeem for Crabadas in a once-off Special Breeding Event shortly after the Community Bootstrap Event. This creates the initial supply of Crabada, and each Crab obtained through this event will have the attribute of ‘Origin’.

Activity Quantity Description
Genesis Crabadas 10 All parts are of the same Breed Type
Pure Crabadas 630 All parts are of the same Class, but with a mix of Breed Types
Others 5,000 All parts are random Breed Types
Total 5,640 --
Any balance of Crabadas that are unclaimed will be offered by the Crabada team for sale on the Marketplace

Play-and-Earn Distribution

300,000,000 CRA

(30% of total token supply)

Allocated for Play-and-Earn incentives across 3 games that will be rolled out sequentially
  Allocation CRA Timeline
Idle game 20% 60,000,000 Q4, 2021
Battle game 40% 120,000,000 Q1-Q2, 2022
Farm game 40% 120,000,000 Q1, 2023

Incentive Period

For each game, the incentive period for earning CRA is 3 months.

During this period, users will earn boosted rewards of CRA in addition to TUS.

Post-incentive Period

TUS rewards will still continue after the incentive period of 1 year.

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